By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Does Nova Scotia offer any tours for people interested in the Titanic?

A: It sure does. That ill-fated day back in April 14 1912 still casts a strong resonance throughout this province. In fact, you’ll find Titanic history traced in almost every nook and cranny around Halifax. At one point, Nova Scotia’s capital was dubbed “Funeral City” because of the vast number of Titanic victims who were buried here.

If you walk through the Fairview Lawn Cemetery, you will spot many of the Titanic gravesites including the grave stone of J. Dawson. You might recall Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in James Cameron’s academy-award winning film,Titanic, was named Jack Dawson. However, this J. Dawson is no relation as you will find out on the tour.

For tours of the cemetery, Ambassatours Grayline offers a Titanic bus tour which takes visitors here as well as to other sights such as the historic pier. For reservations and tour information call them at toll-free 1 800 565-7173 or visit

You can also wander through the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic located along Halifax’s waterfront on Lower Water Street for some eerie Titanic artifacts on display at their permanent exhibit, Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax. When I wandered through this fascinating museum, I came across a deck chair that had seen better days. It was pulled out from the wreckage and is currently on display.

For museum hours and admission visit


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