By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: One of the things I'd like to do this summer is to kayak in the city. We don't own a kayak but we would really like to try it.

A: Adventure Seeker Tours offer kayaking & paddling excursions in Toronto. Next time you see the Humber River, imagine floating downstream in a colorful sea kayak. Their weekend paddling trips cover 6 km so it's a good idea if you have some experience. Adventure Seeker Tours also offers an after work program, a perfect de-stresser after working all day.

The AfterWork paddling excursions run every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 4:30 pm until September 30th . The cost is $50 per person and includes kayak rental, all gear and equipment, instruction, and light snacks. The outfitter also provides a weekend kayaking trip that runs every Sunday.

The weekend trip lasts about 8 hours while the weekday tour lasts approximately 4 hours. Agnes Buss of Adventure Seeker Tours says, " Our most desirable destination is the Toronto Islands Archipelago which takes you through various calm water channels to see the bird sanctuary, the haunted lighthouse and the Centreville amusement park as well as several hidden sailboat docks." She notes that this tour is a great way to escape the city but at the same time being really close to home.

"The main attraction is actually the view of the Toronto Skyline from ones boat - it is really quite a sight!" says Agnes, a certified kayaking Instructor who has been guiding trips for five years. For registration and full details, register online at or call 416-898-3573.

Over at Toronto Canoe & Kayak Aventures, you and your friends can enjoy a 2-hour paddle of the Humber, Credit and Rouge Rivers.

For the Humber excursion, you start your voyage where the Humber River passes below the Old Mill TTC Subway Station. A convenient location for commuters, there's also free public parking along the riverbank by the launch area. Enjoy meandering through forest and marshes, past a quaint river marina, along bird nesting sanctuaries until you get near the mouth of the old Humber River.

For more information contact (416)-536-2067 or visit


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