By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Could you recommend some web sites where potential travellers could read the views of other travellers about particular locations, hotels, tour companies, etc..?

A: What started in 1995 by a husband and wife team, Gorp Travel has evolved into one of the largest travel web sites today, bringing an enormous resource to travellers around the world.

Feel like paddling trough the Tonga or whitewater rafting in Equador? If you're not sure on the ins and outs of adventure travel, don't fret. There are 12 resident experts with a special section devoted to guest experts. Wildlife & birding, climbing, cycling, food & travel are some of the areas of interest available to the avid enthusiast or armchair traveller.

If that's not enough to put the get up and go inside you, Gorp Travel invites fellow readers to participate in online discussion boards. So, if your gig is paddling, ask away with paddling and writing aficionado Jonathan Hanson who has reportedly kayaked everywhere and is knowledgeable about canoeing and rafting too.

How about a trek along the Continental Divide Trail which spans across the Rocky mountains to Mexico? Resident hiking expert Karen Berger discusses the 3100 mile route with some advice on what things to take and what to watch out for. You can join this and other discussions by logging onto

Another web site with online travel chats is which is the off-shoot of the popular travel guidebook series and television show. Founder Tony Wheeler says, `Don't worry about whether your trip will work out. Just go!' And thus, the intro to

There's even a section appropriately entitled, "On the Road: Tall Tale and Yarns about life on the road" with subsections such as "Traveler at Large," and "In search of Lost Adventure."

Devoted to the bookie lover, In the Reading Room, readers swap stories on books and novels that hint at Hemingway's Spain or Browning's Florence.


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