By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: This summer we’ll be flying to Paris for a week and then over to Tunisia for another week. I’d like to know what kind of weather Tunisia has in August and any packing tips for this part of our trip.

A: Hot. Although Tunisia which hugs the Mediterranean Sea might have slightly “cooler” weather due to the gentle sea breezes, the stone buildings and arid land will certainly contribute to hotter climes. Linen outfits are the easy breezy way to go. You’ll notice that in the evenings the temperature does drop and will be much cooler so for midnight strolls along the beachfront it’s a good idea to pack a wrap or sweater.

The seaside villages like Tabarka are over-ridden by European tourists who flock here too. While Tunisia is a moderate Muslim country, I would still recommend covering up. When I visited I saw many young local women donning sleeveless tank tops and showing off their mid-riff in all the newest styles while the poolside often had scenes of French and German lasses scantily clad with some even sun tanning…topless. However August is considered “off-season” so there will most certainly be some great savings. Expect temperatures to hover between 22C and 31C. Fortunately you will not experience the killer humidity often associated with the Caribbean.


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