By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: A few years ago I got a little tipsy and drove home. To make a long story short I do not drink anymore, but I would like to vacation in the United States. Although I have duel citizenship (Canada & U.S.A.) I don't know if I will be allowed on a plane in Toronto because I have a criminal record. I can't afford to pay for a vacation and get rejected at the airport. Everyone I have spoken to says that no one can keep me out of the U.S.A; but what about the airplane? I really need some help and I have tried every one and everything I can think of.

A: Vacations are in most cases tough to plan anytime. From all the responsibilities at home to commitments at work to shuffling volunteer work around, our schedules certainly have to readjust. To boot, your situation has the addition of a criminal record.

I contacted Barbara Jafelice of the United States Consulate General Office about your situation. Rest assured, she says the "everyones" you have been consulting are correct. However, "You should carry proof of your U.S. citizenship and you will be admitted," she advised.


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