By Ilona Kauremszky

Q:I'm taking a business trip to Vancouver, but would like to take some time to experience the outdoors. Are there any organized trips I can take for approximately a half day?

A: If it's physical activity you want, Lotus Land Tours offers a perfect half-day adventure getaway. They pick you up at your hotel and in 30 minutes you'll be strapping on a wet suit and hopping into a sea kayak.

Owner/operator Peter Loppe has been guiding visitors to the Indian Arm fjord for ten years and frankly loves his day job.

"Hey welcome to my office," he chortled pointing to the mountains and blue waters.

After a 5 minute dry dock lesson you will be kayaking in the scenic waters of Deep Cove popularized by the legendary TV series, "The Beachcombers." On my last trip a couple of seals playfully bobbed right in front of my boat for over an hour.

Afterwards, Peter whipped up a gourmet lunch of grilled salmon steak with roasted garden vegetables. All the sustenance I needed to paddle back on this perfect four-hour day trip. For more information, call toll-free 1-800-528-3531


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