By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My sister and I are planning a trip in July to Vancouver among other places. My husband thinks that we will have trouble going around Vancouver because of the 2010 preparations. We are both seniors with some eye problems. What do you think and do you have any helpful suggestions for us?

A: Emily Armstrong, manager for travel media relations with Tourism Vancouver, says while there is construction taking place in Vancouver, this will not hinder your experiences in Vancouver. “All our major attractions and neighbourhoods are still open for business and easily accessible,” she says and adds, “While the constructions may be noticeable, it should not affect their vacation at all.”

As far as accessibility goes, Vancouver is very proud of being an accessible city. While there, be sure to catch up with an evening Shakespeare performance at Bard on the Beach ( Listen to the hot and sizzle of jazz at the giant Vancouver International Jazz Festival (, held around the city in June and July. Take in the sights of the city with a narrated harbour cruise ( aboard an old-style paddle steamer.

And lastly, head to Stanley Park and check out the totem poles and smell the bouquet of fragrances at the rose garden. Finish this off with an afternoon tea at The Fish House in Stanley Park (


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