By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We will be flying to Vienna this spring (May). Is there a hotel reservation desk available at either the Vienna airport or at the Vienna train station for room reservations in or around Vienna? I know in Italy this service is offered at both places. And are there bed and breakfast establishments available?

A: There is a tourist information booth available at the arrival hall of the airport and at the train station. For hotel bookings, the Vienna Tourist Office has a hotel booking service online at Teresa Faudon with the Austrian Tourist Office recommends advanced reservations for accommodations.

“Vienna is a very popular convention destination, and it can be hard at times to find a room, even outside of Vienna,” she says. Bed and Breakfasts are very common too. “They are usually family owned and called "Pension." Also, in the countryside, or the outskirts of town, you will find a lot of "Gasthaeuser" or "Gasthaus" (singular), which are Inns.”

For the budget conscious traveller, Teresa says it is also good to know that room prices in Austria already have taxes and service charges included. “There are no additional fees except for maybe a small tip for housekeeping staff. Here’s a list of quaint accommodations near or in Vienna: A lovely country inn right next to Vienna's vineyards is Fuhrgassl Huber; Right in the centre of the city, Pertschy Vienna Hotel has typical Viennese charm with all the comforts of a four star hotel. Also in the city centre, Hollmann Beletage is a design "Boutique Pension."


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