By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Iím trying to trace back some of my family history and have recently learned there is a Vienna connection. I have never visited this city before and never imagined that I ever would. Please point me in the right direction for travel information even if you could give me a list of places I should put on my sightseeing list would be most helpful.

A: This magnificent European city dazzles the minute you enter inside one of its historic strasses. Baroque architecture, landscaped gardens and splendid neighbourhoods blend harmoniously together like a Mozart sonata. After all this city of composers, Mozart and Beethoven to name two will surely enchant.

High on the list of must-sees are the opera houses, coffee houses, parks and palaces. Be sure to check out the Schonbrunn Palace which is the former summer residence of the Habsburgís and birthplace of Emperor Franz Joseph. When Empress Maria Theresa had the palace remodeled she set out to emulate Versailles, right down to the Hall of Mirrors. Itís absolutely stunning and will leave you breathless!

Another known little fact is the wine. Vienna is the only major city in the world with extensive vineyards inside the city limits.

Itís estimated that about 320 local vintners produce wines. If you plan on being there in the fall, Vienna is running a wine promotion from October 1st to November 30th. For more details visit Museums and galleries are always worthwhile.

Over at the Albertina (, the Oskar Kokoschka exhibition is open now until January 6, 2008 showcasing the artistís late works when he was in exile in Prague and England as well as his work created in Switzerland. The Kunsthistorisches Museum ( is showcasing ďThe Late Titian,Ē an exhibition on the Venetian Renaissance master Titian from October 18, 2007 through January 6, 2008.

For hotel reservations, go online at For travel planning visit listing packages, events and more tips.


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