By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My husband and I are interested in playing some golf this autumn in Virginia. One of our concerns is the dreadful exchange rate. We're really not sure whether this trip is going to happen. Do you have any tips at all?

A: When you factor in that Virginia is roughly a 10-hour drive from Ontario and has more than 200 resort and daily green fee courses from which to choose plus temperatures between 68F and 79F during September and October, you can start to see the allure this US state has for Canadians.

So much so that according to the Virginia Office of Tourism, 425,000 of us traveled to the state in 2000. In its fifth year, the Virginia Tourism Corporation is offering its "Loonie Savers" program with "two-for-one" and "guaranteed 50% off" vacation savings available in a pocket-sized booklet with 48-coupons.

Included here are 11 "buy one, get one free or 50% off" golf coupons for plays at the Tournament Players Club of Virginia Beach, Raspberry Falls Golf Course and other courses.

To receive the Loonie Savers coupon booklet, Canadian residents can visit the web site at Virginia Tourism and download individual coupons. The offer is valid now through March 31, 2003.

For the latest travel information, call 1.800.675.3230 or visit the web site which also has online trip planning.


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